Hot Wax Curtain Coater

Ashdee Model #215 CHM

Tilsner Carton has purchased an Ashdee Hot Wax Curtain Coater. It applies a "curtain" of liquid molten surface wax onto an uncoated sheet of corrugated. The inside, outside or both of a box can be coated. Wax provides the surface(s) of the container with moisture, vapor, water and grease resistance. It does not impregnate the board, and does not increase the board strength. It is sometimes used as an anti-abrasive coating but it tends to rub-off onto the container contents. It has good flexibility and can be used in cold temperature situations. Wax is ideal for products that are wet, placed in cold storage or freezer or left outside in the elements. It enables corrugated containers to handle hydro-cooling, slush ice injection, high-humidity storage and top-icing if a second layer of coating is added (double bump).

Surface coating does not darken the paperboard and allows graphics to stand out.

The wax we use is in compliance with Federal Regulations 21CFR-176.170 and 21CFR-176.180 for use in contact with food.

The specs are the following:

- The maximum coating width is 85".

- The minimum sheet length is 19".

One caution, waxed containers are not recyclable because the wax coatings do not dissolve in water. They must be segregated from non-waxed corrugated and hauled to the landfill for disposal.