Interior Packaging

Our team of structural engineers can create interior packaging to protect your product during shipping, position your product within the box, cushion it or simply prevent it from moving by filling voids.

Not only can interior packaging protect your product during shipping, but it can save you money! We evaluated the packaging process of a customer that manufactured ceramic mugs. They had multiple boxes of varying depths, used labor to hand wrap mugs, and pack them.
Our die-cut insert and multi-depth box along with plain pads for filling empty space allowed them to skip the hand wrapping, and simply secure the mugs into the pre-cut section that was the same on top and bottom, but expanded to the needs of multiple mugs. They simply filled any empty space with a pad, and sealed the box at the depth needed. Saving both packing materials and labor. Our customer saved thousands of dollars in wrapping materials, labor pack out time and reduced their sku's by utilizing the multi-depth shipping carton and die cut pad created by our design team. The design also decreased the amount of breakage that occurred in shipping.

If you want our Design Team to do some "lean thinking" for you call your sales representative at 651-227-8261.