Our raw material testing includes board grade verification with "basis weight verification" to make sure the board we are using is what was specified.

We also check the board caliper to validate the thickness of the board used. The thickness correlates to board strength and is key to box performance.

Tilsner Carton Company can conduct Edge Crush Resistance testing in-house. It determines the ECT value of corrugated board, which is the amount of force needed to crush board on-edge. It is the primary factor in predicting the compression strength of the completed box. "Stacking strength" or "compression strength" is a corrugated box's resistance to applied external forces. Our pneumatic corrugated sample cutter creates near perfect samples for the most accurate test results.

To meet carrier regulations and federal specifications we can conduct other tests such as:

  • Burst Strength Test/Mullen Test
  • Compression Strength Test
  • Drop Tests
  • Structural Design/Performance Test
  • Puncture Resistance Test
  • Etcetera

We also contract with a third-party testing laboratory for certification of packaging used for hazardous materials. Contact your sales representative for details.